UX/UI • Visual Identity

Le Vin is a supplementary mobile app to a cork bottle lever opener. The app revolutionizes the way wine drinkers of all levels experience wine. With key features such as a completely tailored wine catalogue, a live indicator, and an integrated marketplace, Le Vin creates a more streamlined wine experience from the first to last sip.

Adobe XD


Susan is a forty-year-old, stay-at-home mom living in the suburbs of Long Island. She’s an avid hostess, always eager to invite her friends over for a soirée at her humble abode with a nice dinner and the perfect wine pairing. Susan would utilize the the app component to catalogue the types of wine (and how many of each) she has stored in her cellar and to find suggestions on possible food pariings with her choice of wine.

Jean-Ralphio is a twenty-five year old sommelier prodigy. Although he already drinks wine for a living, he also drinks so much more when he’s not at work. Now, Jean-Ralphio may be a sommelier prodigy, but he is not a prodigy when it comes to opening those bottles. The wine lever opener paired with the app would be a huge help in guiding him find the cork’s sweet spot as clean and efficient as possible.


Le Vin's main goal is to create an easy-to-use app for wine drinkers regardless of their level of experience. After researching the behaviors and personalities of each type of wine drinker, it could be deduced that each and every one of them have the same basic needs. These needs were then used to determine the features that would be included in the app.