UX/UI • Visual Identity

BroncoX is a parking utility app designed with the students and visitors of Cal Poly Pomona in mind. Integrated with the current parking system of the campus, BroncoX creates an easier experience to park. Some features include real-time updates on all parking lots and filters to personalize any of the user’s needs.



Lily is a full-time student at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Business Administration. Lily is a planner who always aims to maximize her time and efficiency on a day-to-day basis and she never fails to prepare and follow her planned schedule to a tee. She would utilize BroncoX to efficiently find the best parking spot possible every time she arrives on campus during the busiest times.

Brian is an incoming freshman at Cal Poly Pomona with an undeclared major. For such a young person, Brian is not exactly the most well-versed in technology, but he does like to post an picture on his social media accounts from time to time. Brian would use the app to guide him through the parking systsem of the campus.


After a copious amount of research, collecting information on different parking applications for both university campuses and large cities, the four final features of the app were chosen and created with the purpose of creating a more streamlined parking experience.